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Haus is pioneering a new age of natural medicine development. Using preclinical, mechanism of action, and properly powered, controlled, and blinded clinical studies Haus develops natural medicines with unmatched clinical efficacy and safety.




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Haus developed MetaDerm, the most effective treatment for eczema and psoriaisis, and the only treatment safe and effective enough to address severe pediatric cases.  MetaDerm is available on Amazon and other online stores.  The active ingredients are used in a variety of private labeled products available throughout the world.

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Haus is a codeveloper of MetaCube, a wound cleanser, that is the only natural wound-care product proven to be effective support for helping to resolve severe diabetic ulcers and bed sores.

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Curcumin is a highly effective supplement with known efficacy with reducing symptoms associated with a variety of chronic diseases including osteoarthritis, cancer, and neutrodegenerative diseases.  Unfortunately, curcumin in its natural form, is poorly absorbed, and therefore largely inaffective.  Haus' scientists have developed a proprietary formulation that increases bioavailablity thousands of fold, dramatically increasing its potency.




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